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YOU, ME & She.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
YOU, ME & she.
I remember smiling the 1st time I saw this picture on the gossip blog sites. Why, you ask? Well, the above picture is of 2 of  Lil Wayne's "baby mamas" showing each other love in the club. I LOVE THIS!I was raised by a very strong, secure mother. She had no issues with my real dads ex wife or the mother of my step dads son. Why should she? At the end of the day kids were involved and they all felt like those kids should be in each other's lives.
If your husband/boyfriend has children it is both your responsibility as well as the children's mothers responsibility to get to know each other. That does not mean that you must be friends and go out together for drinks (although I think that's cool too) but you must establish some type of friendly relationship. There is no reason not to like each other. Now I must bring up another point...If your husband/boyfriend cheats on you and has a "love child" I totally understand if you are uncomfortable with the situation and if you have some negative feelings towards the woman and child, UNLESS she did not know you existed! If this man lied and cheated on the both of you and you STILL chose to be with him then you really need to let the negative feelings go and accept her and the child. Nothing bothers me more than 2 "baby mamas" who don't get along simply because of the lies the man told the both of them. Everyone involved should sit down and talk as adults....and move the hell on! My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship and Zahara technically has a stepmother. I would love to one day get closer to these ladies. Our daughter's are sisters....why not?

YOU, ME & she.

These beautiful women all share 1 thing in common, their children are siblings.

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