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You Don’t Need Traffic When You Have This…

Posted on the 17 October 2014 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Before we go ahead, I want you to know that this post is not another top 10 ways to get traffic to a blog that you read every day. But still, this post is about getting a huge amount of traffic by making connection with other bloggers or website owners in a unique way.


How often do you hear bloggers preach about “making connection” with other bloggers? The thing is, many of us are seriously missing out on what matters and focusing our energy to what’s not.

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Yes, blogging is beautiful and blogging is sweat, but only when you have the right amount of traffic flowing in, I’m I right?

But how do you get the needed traffic to your blog? By doing a simple SEO, sharing your blog to your social networks… well, doing just these will bring in little traffic but not as much expected.

How the blogging system works now? I am still trying to figure that one out. But I do know that to push your blog even more, or to make your blog have better ranking on search engines, you need other people help to share your blog to their social networks so your blog can have a better chance to be seen by a bigger audience.

The truth is – people will not promote your blog post, unless it is worth the share. But wait, you are a new blogger, how do you get other bloggers/site owners to share your blog post?

Making relationship with other bloggers might just be the best thing. Though, you need to have a good blog post and title before it can catch other blogger’s attention.

Thank God, there are some platforms like bizsugar and Justretweet that brings bloggers with similar interest together


You don’t need traffic when you have this

To make bloggers that are before you (the pro bloggers) share your blog post to their social networks, you need to make yourself known to them. And how do I am mean?


→ Making valuable comments at their new blog posts – when making the comment, make sure that you are among the first 5 commenters.

→ Sharing their posts on your social networks (if you find the post worth sharing)

→ Add them to your social network and engage with them more…

→ Write an epic post, but make sure you give them link love when writing the “epic” post – after you must have publish the post, send them a private message informing them that they have been mentioned on the post. Give them a really good reason to check out the post.

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If they read the message you sent them, they will definitely check out the “epic post” of yours – as long as the post title is catchy


Aside that:

Making friends with bloggers that are blogging on the same niche as you is also one best way to gain traffic.

Remember: this world (the world of blogging) is all about reciprocating. Share theirs and they’ll share yours. And also put this in mind – not all bloggers reciprocate.

Share their posts on your social networks and make sure you mention them so they’ll know that you did share their blog post>>> connect with them through social media >>> sometime, ask simple questions when making comments…

When you draw their attention and make friends with them, I am sure that they will definitely share your blog post to their social network when they visit your blog post as well. There, both parties win


Do note that it is not every blogger that do visit their commenter’s blog. But hey, it is better to try than not to try at all, right?

I sincerely do feel that making connection is way better than doing things alone. When you get hammered by Google updates, your friends can easily bring you back up, or when you go for a vacation, you can easily make a strong comeback with the help of your friends.

My advice:

Doing seo to rank good in search engine is a good idea every blogger would recommend, but making good friends/connection that will help promote you should also be in that list of your traffic generation.

Back to you:

To so many, the above tips sounds funny but let’s just put it like this – I am sharing my piece of advice to all new bloggers coming into the blogging world.

I know I did not say so much on this topic, but thank God you’re there to add something to the post


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What other way did I not add to my tip? Do you have any other awesome way to make good connection with pro or mid bloggers? Then do use the comment box below to drop them. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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