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You Don't Know What a Fact IS :Anonymous, Unknown

Posted on the 29 June 2012 by Mikeb302000
In the wee small hours I came across a comment from someone identifying themselves as 'Unknown'.
Like our ban on 'Anonymous' commenters, this was more of the same, and therefore not posted, plus it was on a year old post about Doc Holiday.  Comments that turn up on old posts have a high incidence of being spam, and often contain links to commercial sites.
But what struck me about this particular comment was that it claimed with apparent great confidence to be written by a conservative who felt that it was very important to point out FACTS, because that was what conservatives did.  Conservatives point out facts to the rest of us.
The fact that the conservative was sharing was that MOST SHOOTINGS --- it's a FACT!!!!!! --- were FRONTAL.
This struck me as just one more of the myths, the utterly stupid and foolish claims about guns and shootings, that are embraced by the gun nuts, the gun loons, the gun ZOMBIES, who will believe anything gun related, without ANY BASIS IN FACT WHATSOEVER.
It occurred to me that perhaps this represents a profound understanding by conservatives generally, and gun lunatics specifically.  Whether it is the NON 'FACT' that the Japanese did not invade the U.S. mainland because they were afraid of our civilian gunz!, or the NON FACT that Switzerland scared away the Nazis by having their army keep gunz!,  or the NON-FACT that in the UK it is against the anti-terrorism law to buy more than two limes, or that gunz were routinely belt carried rather than holster carried aka mexican carried by Mexican peons and gun slingers in the OLD WEST, OR ANY OF THE OTHER PRO-GUN STUPIDITY that you gun zombies pass off as fact that is NOT FACT AT ALL, there is a pattern to what you believe.
It is clear to me now -- you are simply utterly confounded by what constitutes a fact, and what is fictoin.

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