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You Don't High Five Yer Grandma

By Expatmum @tonihargis
You may have heard that the Sex Education Forum in England has announced that forcing children to kiss certain relatives "may blur the boundaries of what is acceptable when it comes to physical contact rather than teach children about how to properly show affection."


Not to get too political here but - wha?
OK, I see where they're going with this. They don't want little kids being interfered with by dirty older relatives. None of us do, but is this the answer? You could argue that forcing kids to kiss their smelly old fill-in-the-blank relative, on the cheek, in front of several other family members, shows them what is acceptable. When anything unacceptable happens, they will know that this isn't what normally goes on. We can't teach kids what is appropriate in a vacuum? 
On a lighter note - the Sex Ed author also suggest that kids blow kisses or give grandma a high five. Really? I don't know about yours but I can just imagine the reaction in my family if my kids had tried to high five my mother. Well, first of all they would've stood there all day, hand raised, just hangin', while my mother wondered what on earth they were doing. Then there probably would've been the inevitable lecture on manners and respect, either from me or grandma.
You don't high five yer grandma!
And what about delicate octogenarian grandmas who are suffering from a touch of osteoporosis? High-fiving kids usually don't know their own strength, and many of them (mentioning no names) put their entire bodily weight behind it. Is the NHS prepared for the sudden increase in wrist fractures or concussions among the elderly? 
You Don't High Five Yer Grandma
HIgh fives indeed! 

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