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You Can Listen to Me Talk About Beer, Too

By Bryan Roth @bryandroth
You Can Listen to Me Talk About Beer, Too

I've been pretty busy lately with summer vacations and freelance writing, but last week was a busy one, with several opportunities to talk beer with some great people. You may read my writing on this site in your own voice, but now you get to hear mine!

A few appearances you can listen to on your podcast player of choice:

  • The Beer Temple Insiders Roundtable - Talking a variety of topics, from Ballast Point leadership, BrewDog and more.
  • Operation Shutdown - I acted as "special guest" to talk about my recent post on media coverage of cans and why we can stop talking about it now.
  • Tales from the Cask - For some reason, the podcast crew let me help judge a homebrew competition. You can listen to that episode here and, as luck would have it, I also came on the show two weeks prior to try some Lost Abbey beers and share a couple stories from my recent trip to Italy and Belgium.

Back to the writing grind soon, but give these shows a listen for extra insight into what's been driving some of my thoughts and writing lately. I welcome chances to chat beer, so if you want to get in touch, check out my contact page to drop me a line.

Bryan Roth
"Don't drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life." - Jack Kerouac

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