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You All Forgot, Didn't You, That This is a Free Planet

Posted on the 08 November 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
it wasn't a question, it was a statement
and this is - should be - a reminder how 'something happened along the way', the planet's Diversities or Tribes got INVADED or OCCUPIED or WORSE by the Corporate War Machine ... and yes it was called the Corporate War Machine right back then when History (big H) was just being laid down on papyrus and clay and in hymns to Our Lord God PROFIT.
The warmongers and the rapers and the asset strippers knew thousands of years ago that the Corporate War Machine was the only thing worth building; not LOVE, not PEACE, not HARMONY. None of the things that humans do so well like empathy and compassion and charity.
And it was the film Prometheus that really made me understand this.
you all forgot, didn't you, that this is a Free Planet
THE SPACE JOCKEY circa 1979, designed by Hans Rudi Giger; appeared in the film Alien (made by Ridley Scott) and "was never explained" it was just there, dominating the 'discovery of the FaceHugger egg cargo' scene. Just this gigantic lump of thing, this sculpture, this fossilised space trucker that had no reason to be in the film other than it fucking looked great, thanks H.R. for your artistic audacity.
Ridley Scott made the film Prometheus to examine a) that Ganesha-Oliphant spacetime telescope embedded creature and b) who signed the docket for the cargo he was transporting across the galaxy.
Well, that was his plan but what we ended up with was STARGATE aka Ancient Alien Races who 'biogenetically terraformed this world in their image'. Their HUMAN image. Oh, really, that melded welded bell-ended contraption up there doesn't look very human. I mean I personally can't imagine draping a human skin over it and going, "You know, that looks just like Uncle Frank."
No, the enigmatic Space Jockey got explained as a mere 'pressure suit' for a race of basketball player sized humanoids. Their humanity was the reason, and that only, that the Engineers were humanoid and could express all the emotions, passions and language of the stars from whence we came. But that didn't happen, the Engineers in the film were mute or just Frankenstein monsterish.
I want my Giger-alien Ganesha-Oliphant space trucker giant back, immediately.
And it's the same with this Free Planet you hear so much of, from me and others. It's like you only now believe the 'pressure suit' lie. You've forgotten that once, a great giant concept roamed freely upon this narrative we're all a part of. You've forgotten that once upon a time, you could pluck apples from trees and not get arrested for Trespass. You've forgotten that you used to be able to walk wherever you wanted, and no such term as Private Property confronted you at the gates.
You forgot, Free Planet is still there, waiting patiently. It never went away, it was never destroyed. All you have to do is acknowledge its existence as honestly and openly as you can.

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