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Yorkshire Wedding Photography | Katie & Gavin Got Married!

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Swanland Town Hall Wedding

Awww Katie and Gavin had the most lovely wedding at Swanland Town Hall a few weeks ago. As everyone is well aware – I am in love with autumn light and a beautiful wedding filled with golds and reds is just my kinda wedding. Throw in a family and friends town hall shenaniganza – and you have one of my favorite kinds of weddings. Katie & Gavin were married in the morning in a legal ceremony and then had a fantastic and highly personal ceremony at Swanland Town Hall followed by a magic show from Mark Waddington (SERIOUSLY I LOVE HIS MAGIC TRICKS!! How does he do that bunny trick?!?!) and food, food and then when that was done – MORE FOOD. The day was crisp, bright and beautiful with autumn colours everywhere – including Katie’s gorgeous Audry Hepburn inspired dress.

Go take a look for yourself at all that autumnal pretty.

PS – Tiger onesie. I don’t need to say more.

Hull Wedding Photography Bride with red shoes
Autumn themed wedding Yorkshire
Little girl watches as bride gets ready autumn themed wedding
Bride in tiger onsie
Hull wedding photgoraphy
Tiger Onsie and groom's slippers
Flower girl watches as bride has makeup applied by Vicky Farr
Bride plays music at Yorkshire wedding
Chick Flicks DVD wedding photograph
Bridesmaid hugs son at Hull wedding
Autumn coloured wedding dress
Bride shows gold wedding shoes at Swanland wedding Hull Yorkshire
Gold glittery shoes at Hull Yorkshire wedding
Dad playing with kids before wedding
Bride in Tiger IOnsie with Vicky Farr Makeup Artist
Bride to be crown at Hull wedding
Bride wearing onsie has makeup applied by Vicky Farr
Bride in tiger onsie holds mug with picture of labrador
Hull wedding photography
Hull wedding photography candid moment with dad and son
Bride puts on autumn coloured wedding dress
Bride puts on golden coloured wedding dress
Little girl watches as bride gets her dress on at Swanland Wedding
Bride in Autumn themed wedding dress in champaign and orange
Bride at Hull wedding looks in mirror
Bride holding autumn themed wedding bouquet
Swanland town hall
Groom details at autumn themed wedding
Swanland groom walks to wedding at Swanland Town Hall
Autumn themed wedding at village hall with leaves and crocheted apple
Autumn themed wedding in Yorkshire with burlap
Sign pointing to wedding
Autumn themed wedding details
Groom waits during ceremony at Swanland wedding in Hull Yorkshire
Autumn thtmed wedding at Swanland Yorkshire
Swanland town hall wedding
Yorkshire wedding photography
Bride and grooma t Yorkshire wedding
Bride and groom during yorkshire wedding ceremony at Swanland Town Hall
swnaland town hall first kiss
Bride holds son at town hall wedding in yorkshire Autumn themed
Shillouette of bride and groom in front of humber bridge wedding photography
Autumn themed wedding photography
Yorkshire Autumnal wedding with leaves
Hull Swanland Autumn themed wedding
Bride and groom in Autumn leaves in Yorkshire swanland Hull
autumn themed wedding in Yorkshire
Bride & groom in the autumn leaves in Swanland
Autumn themed wedding in Yorkshire
Yorkshire autumn themed wedding
Swhanland town hall autumnw edding yorkshire
Mark waddington Wedding Magician at Autumn themed wedding in Yorkshire
Mark Waddington Wedding Magician at Yorkshire Wedding
Autumn thtmed wedding little boy walked to mom wearing suit
Autumn thtmed wedding bride and bridal party at Swanland Town Hall Yorkshire
Confetti at Yorkshire Autumn wedding
Swanland town hall wedding
Cariacture of bride and groom
Yorkshire autumn wedding photography
Tux and Tales Photography Gina and Chris Barn Wedding_0563
Hull wedding photography party fun
Fish and Chip van at yorkshire wedding
Bride holds son during dance at Hull wedding
Wedding in Hull bride and groom with son first dance
Bride and groom first dance Hull wedding
Yorkshire wedding photography
Yorkshire wedding party photographs people dancing
Bride clapping at York wedding
Little boy at Yorkshire wedding dance party

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