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York and Macaroons

By Hellofreckles @tashajsteel
York and MacaroonsLast Friday I headed down to York for the day. I've been a couple times before but this time I was meeting up with my friend Adam, who lives in York when he isn't up in the North East for Uni so I had my own personal tour guide! 
 York and Macaroons
We got to York just after 10am (we traveled by coach from university; taking a group of international students) and it was already really busy due to the Food Festival. I really should have taken more photos of the food, being a blogger and all it's almost an unwritten rule but never mind. Just take it from me that the smell was amazing, so much street food and cupcakes, mmm!
York and MacaroonsYork and Macaroons I couldn't help but eye up the macaroons (and all the other cakes and desserts) in the windows of Betty's tea room and Patisserie Valerie!

Around midday I met up with Adam and after catching up over a coffee from Dusk (which was really lovely and I recommend you go there if you visit York) he took me on a little tour of the city covering the Museum Gardens, Clifford's Tower, the riverside, The Shambles, York Minster and Evil Eye; his favorite place for cocktails and thai food. It's already been decided that next time I'm in York, we're going there for food and some drinks. I really liked the poster they had inside with a tube map layout for the different cocktails they make.

York and MacaroonsYork and MacaroonsYork and MacaroonsYork and MacaroonsYork and MacaroonsYork and Macaroons I had a really lovely day and it was nice to visit York when it was a bit warmer and not snowy! When I was last there, on a previous trip with the study abroad and exchange international students (I work in the office as the Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant) it was mid January, snowy and really cold. I wore Converse too which definitely wasn't the best idea but this time my Vans held up pretty well.
York and MacaroonsYork and Macaroons Emma (who I work with) surprised me with a box of macaroons as an early birthday present for my 21st this Friday. Obviously they won't last until then so I've been tucking in already and they're great; who needs to go to Paris for macaroons, just get yourself to Betty's in York!

Have you been to York before?

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