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Yesterday’s Plan: Epic Fail. Today’s Another Day :)

By Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

I’ll explain why in a moment, first I must eat this gorgeous breakfast!


Eggs scrambled in olive oil with baby bok choy, spinach, fresh tarragon, fleur de sel, and ground pepper

resting on the plate with 1/2 an avocado (the other 1/2 of which will be pureed for Jacks’ breakfast – yum!) and some strawberries.

Some lemon juice squeezed over the whole kit and kaboodle.

20 delicious minutes later…

Yesterday was an epic fail because nobody knows what the heck Kaffir lime leaves are. I figured that if I went to a southeast Asian grocery store I’d find them since they are an ingredient in a recipe called Southeast Asian Curry Base (read yesterday’s post for context). But no. One woman who was really trying to help me said she had never heard of them and that I must have misheard whoever told me to buy them. Fresh or dry, had never heard of putting such a thing into a curry. I went to 4 or 5 different stores along Sources boulevard in the West Island of Montreal. No luck. And when each time you visit a store you need to drag Jack and his car seat out of the car, plop him into the stroller thingy, and then negotiate curbs and tight aisles in the jammed grocery stores…well 4 or 5 stores later called for nap-time. For ME! And by then I was way too tired to actually do any sewing. So I went to my parents house and had a glass of wine and some down time followed by a beef brochette and some corn while Bubbie and Zaidie played with Jack.

So yes, today is another day and I will try a few shops in Montreal since I have finally caved in to paying the big bucks to get my hair done by the wonderful Francesco at Pure (I’d link to their site here but it is horrendous. I hate it and wouldn’t want to send anyone to it.) I tried henna the other day…after leaving it in for 2 hours, twice as long as the directions directed, it looks like I did a big fat nothing. The gray (what grey? There isn’t supposed to be any grey) is still there. And I need a good cut. I really really do. For my virtuosity.

Tonight is party night at my parents’ place (yes, we go there often. They love to see Jack and I love to have the extra hands for him :) ) so I’ll head there after I find those Kaffir lime leaves (positive thinking at work) and with a gorgeous head of hair. I should be a few hours early so I will bring my skirt parts and maybe even finish it there! My mom has a great sewing area set up in the basement. Then we’ll have fun with the folks from the Ophthalmology department of the JGH at my dad’s summer office party. Then we’ll go home, feed and play with the dogs, and go to bed.

Today is another day – not only to reverse the epic fail but another glorious day to spend with my boy. The best date EVER.

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