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Posted on the 09 March 2012 by Xboxbetty @MBethke26
We all have those games that stick with us. The one's that started it all; that sucked us into the addicting world of video games. 
These are the games that I love and cherish because they made me the gamer I am today :)
Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerCalifornia: Gold Rush was one of the first computer games I remember playing. My Dad taught me how to run it in DOS. Remember DOS!? Kind of makes me feel old.   "Unlock door," "Take Money," I loved using the keyboard; commanding the character with my typed words and controlling him with the arrow keys.
I'd always get stuck in the jungle and die of malaria. It was stressful, even as a youngin', but I kept trying (and failing).
Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerMy Dad had a huge influence in the growth of my gaming. Growing up there was always a computer readily available. At times there were more computers than people in the house.
My Dad and siblings would sit in different rooms and we'd have a mini LAN party. It was the coolest thing messaging each other warnings about the "meat heads" and the location of the rocket launcher.     
Doom is the prime example as to why I am a gamer. Wolfenstein was the first first-person shooter game I ever played but Doom...Doom is the reason I am playing COD and Halo today.
Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerI started playing computer games long before I ever played them on a console. I remember having a Sega Genesis and playing Sonic the Hedgehog but nothing pulled at my heartstrings quite like Crash Bandicoot.
I remember getting the PS1 with my brother; he got an NHL game and I chose Crash. Crash was my Mario.
It was just pure fun. Running from boulders, chasing after creatures to jungle music (aku aku!), and facing the evil Dr. Neo Cortex.
Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerMyst was released in 1993. Did I understand the plot? Probably not. I think I was too young to really appreciate the beauty of the game. 
Although I do remember being stunned at how realistic the graphics felt. The library, the forest (one particular tree freaked me out a bit), and the architecture. 
Myst is the game that made me appreciate video games for their artistic value and story lines. 

Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerThe Sims was the quintessential game of my youth. My sister and I would pull all-nighters building houses and controlling our Sims. Often making them go crazy and trapping them in between walls.  
I bought every expansion pack, game guide, and magazine having anything to do with the Sims. I was obsessed. At one point I even wanted to be an architect.
The Sims stuck with me. To this day I still enjoy the game (Preferably on the PC). 

Yesterday's Games, Today's GamerI play multiplayer games/Xbox Live because of Halo 3. Straight up.
At one point in my gaming "career" Halo 3 was all I was playing. I loved the social aspect of it; meeting fellow gamers and being competitive.
It changed my life forever. Because I loved Halo 3 so much I became more immersed in a gaming lifestyle and began exploring other games.
Thanks Bungie!

Game On!

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