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Yeshiva Boys Go Wild in Attack

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The various news media, including Haredi media, are reporting about what they call a "pogrom", exacted last night by the boys of a Vizshnitz yeshiva against the boys and dormitory of a neighboring Sefardi yeshiva.
The video is pretty wild:

The standard comments have already been made in the general media, such as chilul hashem, pogrom, etc, with condemnations by politicians. This morning news reports have the police investigating the matter.
It seems the background to this attack is that the young men in the Sefardi yeshiva have provoked the hassidic boys a number of times by throwing eggs, shouting epitaphs at them as they pass and harassing their Rebbe and throwing things at his car. After another attack in which the Sefardi boys threw bags of water at some of the Hassidic boys, the Hassidic boys decided it was the straw that broke the camels back and it was time to retaliate.
Not to justify how they responded, but some context is always good.
It looks like the type of response Israelis call "baal habayit hishtagea" which basically means the homeowner went crazy and did something extreme just to show the tenant not to mess with him in the future. These guys seem to have responded in that fashion with such an extreme response that those yeshiva boys likely wont mess with them again..
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