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Yesh Atid Gloats Over Their Victory

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I am very disappointed in Yesh Atid.. not because of the law they passed regarding the draft, despite my not agreeing with some aspects of it (and probably not even understanding much of it - it is a very major and complex bill), but for another reason. The law is something they had campaigned on, they had promised their voters, they had spoken loudly about - they did their job. They don't need my agreement or approval - they have the power now and they cashed in with their supporters.
The reason I am disappointed in Yesh Atid is because of their reaction to it passing.
Even though the residents of Gush Katif were basically trampled during the Disengagement process and could do very little - everything was imposed on them - the government at least, at least publicly that is, spoke of taking painful steps to do what was necessary, and kept promising that it had to be done but would be done with sensitivity. Even if it was not really all that sensitive, at least there was no gloating. People felt bad for them and sympathized with their plight, even if they felt the "settlers" needed to be evacuated.
Yesh Atid gloats over their victory
Yesh Atid felt this was the solution to a number of ills in Israeli society. They felt this is what needed to be done to fix the problem. Ok. I can handle that, even if I disagree. But at least sympathize a bit with the people whose lives you are changing. All these people, thousands of people, a community comprising hundreds of thousands of people, are now going to be going through a lot of turbulence as their lives change. At least sympathize, while saying this needs to be done. Be sensitive to their concerns.
Celebrating the victory by passing out towelettes that say "when the Haredim go out to work you will have to sweat less", is just gloating. It is insensitive. It is unnecessary. It is downright nasty.
Also, I am not sure why people will work less once other people are working more. Will the work day be shortened to 6 or 7 hours? Are people's mortgages and expenses going to be easier to pay off? I am no economist but I never heard that taking some people off welfare allows for drastic cuts in taxes hat will allow other people to work less. It isn't even true, so why take that approach?
You passed the law. Mazel tov. Now be sensitive, even just a bit, to the people who will be affected and go through some trying times because of it.
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