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Yes, I Truly Am Back, and Here’s What I’m Doing Today!

By Forayintofood @ForayIntoFood

My kids went back to school today. Well, my oldest did. I home school my youngest, but school started for him as well. With this mind-blowing amount of free time, can you guess what I’m doing today?


Laundry, organizing and inventorying my food storage, baking bread, and prepping some white beans for canning. See?


I made just one loaf of bread since one of my boys, the best bread eater, is back at school.


It will be done soon!

I received some food storage a couple of weeks ago which I never even opened! Well, today I opened it, added it to my food storage app (which keeps track of my inventory and progress), dated the cans and box, and put it away, nice and neat, so my food storage closet doesn’t get overrun!


Finally, I sorted and washed some Great Northern beans, and now they’re soaking. I’ll can them tonight after dinner so they can sit in the pressure canner overnight, cooling.


I’m going to start a long-awaited sewing project, and dinner’s still to come (I’m making my friend’s fabulous homemade chicken noodle soup recipe for the very first time.). It looks like today is going to be a wonderfully, productive day!!

Tomorrow? That’s another story! I’ll probably be so exhausted that I’ll laze around the house all day. :)

What are you doing now that the holidays are over and life is returning to normal?

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