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Yellow Adds a Glow to New Abstract Drawing

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

I began this abstract drawing with broad sweeping lines of yellow, moving into tan, orange, and shades of brown.  Then I added thick lines in pale violet to emphasize the left and right sweeping arcs.  Each step I take is based on looking at what I've got so far, quickly choosing what seems appropriate to do next. 

I filled in some of the spaces with yellow squigles, then outlined some of the inner shapes with a fine line black pen, and finally used a fine line red pen to outline and fill in shapes.  I could have kept going, but it  seemed like the time to stop and let this drawing be.  The yellow gives it a nice glow.

  2011 Abstract Drawing #31, 11.5" x 9" archival inks on acid-free paper.

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