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Yeehaw! It’s Time to Run the Mile!

By Chase

Slim, Perpetual Motion, and Hellcat all have the same PE teacher, and it just so happens this individual is one of my closest friends.

When Kick Ass Wife and I moved here and took our first teaching jobs almost 15 years ago, he and I coached basketball together. A hundred or so hours of bus trips later, we knew each other pretty well, and that friendship has remained til this day.

He’s a salt-of-the-earth type person, someone you feel fortunate to have crossed paths with in life.

And he has a great sense of humor.

So it was that I composed this letter and sent it with Slim (sealed in an enveloped) to deliver to his PE teacher the day of the mile run:


In the end,  Slim — oblivious to the nature of the letter he had delivered – ran the mile, which was fine with him because he’s one of those sick individuals like his marathoning mother who actually enjoys running.

My friend – who penned a witty rebuttal which brought me to tears – got a chuckle as he put the poor little bastards through their paces.

And Kick Ass Wife — who teaches at the same school the kids attend and works with a group of really terrific people – got a cowboy hat, compliments of a colleague who caught wind of Slim’s letter of excusal.

Hopefully she’ll try it out when the mile run comes around again this spring.

Yeehaw, indeed.

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