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Yarn Bowls in Crochet

By Nancymccarroll
My friend Mrs. Tittlemouse, whose name comes from a Beatrix Potter character, is quite a crafty gal. She wrote about making crochet bowls on her blog here.
Being one to follow the leader, I was spurred on to copy her in trying to make similar ones.  Mrs. T's are prettier, but mine came out OK, too. Using these instructions for a crochet bowl, I made two different sized bowls.  This is a smaller one:
Yarn Bowls in Crochet
And this is a larger crochet bowl:
Yarn Bowls in Crochet
I sorta cheated on the second bowl, making it larger and without a pattern, but it worked out just fine. It is now holding yarn.  See?
Yarn Bowls in Crochet
Mrs. T. uses beautiful pale pinks and lavenders and and pale greens and cherry reds, her favorite colors I think, for her crochet and sewing projects.  Her pictures made me happy.  Please take a look here at the bowls she made.
I am going to use the larger crochet bowl as a roll basket on the table at Easter because the colors whisper spring to me.

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