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Y LUV- How Chill Can You Let Go

Posted on the 30 July 2011 by Ripplemusic
 How Chill Can You Let Go
Did you know PR companies remind me a lot of foxes? Not the real foxes with the bushy tails, but the cunning ones that are portrayed in cartoons. I have come to that conclusion as most press releases I have  read for a band are really far off the mark. Oh yeah, X Band has “unique” sounds and “is exploding onto the indie scene”... That is why they remind me of every other mainstream artist right now...
I had to retract these beliefs though (Thank you Planetary Group) when Y LUV's press release summed this band up brilliantly. They pulled the words right out of my brain and I feel as if my entire review is going to be paraphrasing them, because they know how brilliant these guys are too.
Y LUV have released two previous musical explorations, and I think this is the cream of the crop. They have tied together the psychedelic, rock, pop sound to make How Chill Can You Let Go their best work to date.
Starting with “All Night” you get the psychedelic treatment. It is heavier on that side of things, focusing less on the guitar riffs you will get to hear later.
“Never Touch The Ground” is my favorite on the album. Clean, clear, strong vocals, fun drum beat, stronger guitar line, it works for me. The lyrics are the epitome of indie pop- catchy yet meaningful.
“I feel the weight on my shoulders,
Can you feel it too?
I know that we're getting older,
What else can we do?...
..Now I know that we will all stop making sense
And that is okay.
Simply saying that I'm never coming down
We never touch the ground.”
You get launched back into the psychedelic sounds with “Feel Sound” but there is the twist of the riff. The guitar plays a bigger part here and paired up with the drums you have some really great indie pop/rock/psychedelic music going on.
I sort of like tambourine-like sounds, I don't know why... If you like tambourines, you will like “Be Free.”  Stream the awesome-ness here- http://yluv.bandcamp.com/track/be-free
Tying things off with the fast paced, riff filled “Super Heavy” was a wise move and just leaves you wanting more. How could you not want more with lyrics like-
“Think that I get it
But I know that I don't
I think that I am trying all alone
Inside of my head now
Just trying to find
I lost my head inside my mind”
How Chill Can You Let Go is by far the best work of Y LUV and unless something truly amazing comes along, they are on my top ten albums of the year. They have the sound nailed, it is the perfect mix of all of the things that make great music- great music, great sounds, great vocals. Plus, when you are as talented as them, you can't ever go wrong. Right?
- Koala
Buy here: How Chill Can You Let Go

Buy here: How Chill Can You Let Go

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