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.XYZ One Of The 1st New gTLD’s To Launch Opens Up Pre-Registration

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

The registry for the new gTLD .XYZ has just opened up preregistrations.

While preregistrations for new gTLD’s is nothing new the fact that this is being done at the registry level is different.

Many registrars and auction houses opened up preregistrations over the last couple of years but in this case it is the registry itself taking the preregistrations.

As always there is no cost to preregister a .XYZ domain name however the preregistration does not give you any rights to the domain.

.XYZ was Foundered by  Daniel Negari is a well known domainer.  Negari purchased in a domain auction “with the intention of building a complete web experience where businesses and individuals could register domains, build their website, and manage online assets. and went on to become an ICANN–accredited registrar that was also approved by Verisign and PIR to sell .com .net and .org domains.”

“While building the experience, ICANN announced their intent to implement a new generic domain extension program. This opportunity pivoted the company to be a registry.”

If your thinking .XYZ doesn’t really mean anything, your right and that sees to be the idea behind the extension

This is how the registry described the .XYZ gTLD:

” Our new domain extension will give individuals and businesses a fresh start. You will be able to secure the domain name you’ve always wanted, not just some obscure .com leftovers. As one of the first extensions, .com has always been the go-to extension. But why is that? Since it is short for “commercial,” it isn’t always applicable to those using it, such as special interest groups, religious organizations, or anything “non-commercial.” .xyz has no connotations or alternate meanings, it is the most generic domain extension.

.”XYZ is a perfect ending to companies in every industry.”

“.XYZ is instantly recognizable as the last three letters of the alphabet, and is perfectly suitable as an extension to any brand name.”

“Furthermore, .XYZ is generic enough to be appropriate for anyone!”

“Nobody wants to be, but will be available as an alternative to .com.”

Looks like .XYZ already has a bunch of registrars lined up including, and to name a few.…

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