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.XYZ Claims Its The Most Used New gTLD Extension

Posted on the 20 August 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

In a blog post Daniel Negari the CEO of the .XYZ registry claims that .XYZ its the most used new gTLD extension.

The post uses the numbers furnished by that we disclosed  in our post the other day that looks at the percentage of registered new gTLD domain names that are parked by extension.

“”Let’s look at utilization on a few levels:

1. Registration numbers

2. Active website statistics

3. Quality of these active websites

1. Registration numbers

.xyz has received the most registrations of all new gTLDs with 447,544 domains registered.

2. Active website statistics

According to nTLDStats – which has a new ‘Parked’ Domain feature (for the record, I disagree with their methodology) – .XYZ also has the highest number of active websites.

Top 4 New gTLDs by number of active websites

1. .XYZ = 23,254 Active  (447,544 Domains – 424,290 Parked Domains)

2. .Berlin = 18,740 Active (137,882 Domains – 119,142 Parked Domains)

3. .Club = 19,904 Active (97,482 Domains – 77,578 Parked Domains)

4. .Guru = 16,179 Active (68,698 Domains – 52,519 Parked Domains)

(Source:; retrieved 8/20/2014. The active number of websites is derived from removing the number of parked sites from the overall registration numbers for each gTLD.)

Among all the new domain extensions, .xyz has the most registrations and the most active number of websites This information is useful, however, only provides a snapshot of a domain extension’s success.

Keep in mind .xyz launched on June 2nd, which is later than the others in this analysis.”

So if you run the numbers actually Daniel is correct.

Due to the number of registrations even at a parked domain rate of 94.27% it means that almost 6% are not parked or in use since there are only 3 new gTLD’s that have a parking rate of less than 50% and none of those have volume over 50,000.

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