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XII Boar – XII

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Ripplemusic
XII Boar – XII
This is the 2nd installment in my random reviews. Racer sends me tons of stuff to check out and unfortunately I don’t get to hear all of it in a timely basis so once a month I pick something completely at random and write it up. The only rule is listen first, look at promo material later.
August’s victim is a UK based outfit called XII Boar and their new 4 song demo simply titled XII. Track one starts off with a blast of feedback, the drummer counts the band in and we’re off into the void of a metal rendezvous. I chose wisely! XII Boar describes themselves as a stoner/sludge hard rock band and who am I to argue? The first song is called “Trainwreck.” Fast n furious that brings to mind Entombed and Cathedral with a little bit of early Venom and Bathory thrown in. Production is crude but suits the music very well and the vocals are guttural but not completely buried in the mix.
“Beg Borrow Steal” is up next and is slower but more pissed off sounding. Especially when the singer yells “God damn! Fuck yeah!” I would gladly salute that in concert with my can of beer. About a minute in the band shifts into a faster tempo jam that sounds like it was inspired by Black Sabbath’s “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” then slows down again for a bass break and a “Snowblind”ish guitar solo. These guys cram a lot of riffs into a 5 minute song. The song “Sludge” is pretty much how you would expect it to sound. Heavy and sludgy but faster than a lot of bands that play in this style and they’re done in less than three minutes. The last song “Skol” is a killer pillaging machine of riffs with some excellent cowbell during the “Supernaut” drum break. Each of the instruments take turns trading solos before the vocals come back in and a very heavy jam brings things to a conclusion.
XII Boar play a little too fast to be considered doom metal, but have enough slow and heavy stuff to satisfy that audience. They also bring in a much stronger classic rock influence of Motorhead speed and Blue Cheer fuzzed up blues riffs to reach the grizzled old timers. Lucky for me I picked this one at random. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys. You can download the entire demo at their website. Check ‘em out.

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