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xHamster Using Bitcoin as a Prime Way to Receive Online Payments – A Look at the Top Sites Using Bitcoin

Posted on the 09 January 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Bitcoins took a look at the top 100 sites using Bitcoin. The article started off looking at the popular adult tube site.

Mega porn site xHamster has not only accepted Bitcoin as a prime way to receive online payments, but is very happy with the results and is looking to expand services with the leading digital currency. Over the last six months, xHamster and many others have joined Bitcoin as a new way to pay online going forward.

The article went on to list the top 100 sites using Bitcoin. Google was listed as number one, this looked solely on the fact that it shows Bitcoin daily price in search results, to my knowledge Google does not accept Bitcoin for advertisers or pay Adsense users in Bitcoin.

Yahoo was number 4 and that was again based on providing quotes. Wikipedia, Reddit and WordPress are popular sites that actually use the cryptocurrency. Wikipedia was ranked 7, Reddit 32 and WordPress 34.

Paypal came in at 39 and I think that is an important one, the popularity of Paypal is worldwide and with acceptance of Bitcoin it will also bring eBay to experiment with Bitcoin. Down the road this may lead to acceptance by a great number of sellers on the popular auction site.

The price of Bitcoin has recently dipped below $300.

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