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WSJ: There Real End Users Looks Forward To Moving Their URL To A New gTLD

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

The Wall Street Journal has become the another major publication to publish a story about the launch of the new gTLD program and has actually talked to some real people, small business owners who are looking forward to registering a new gTLD to replace their longer .com

The Story is entitled “Sell Bike’s? There’s a Web Domain For That”

“The World Wide Web is about to get a lot wider.

 Starting Jan. 29, the first of hundreds of new top-level Web domains—the suffixes that appear at the end of website addresses like .com and .net—will become available for the first time in more than a decade.”

The author of the story goes on to chat with some real end users who not only know about the New G’s (as Mr Schilling calls them), but are actually moving their URL from a longer .com to a short New G.

“”It’s a marketing opportunity,” says Avery Pack of Dania Beach, Fla., who hopes to get a Web address ending in .bike, such as”

“Mr. Pack has several ideas for using the new domain, such as to create a website for customers to post photos, video and other content about the wheels they buy from his business”

“Don Teague of Coppell, Texas, has his sights set on a .christmas address for his seven-year-old business, Synchronized Christmas Inc., which specializes in setting up decorative light displays. He believes the Web address is more memorable than his company’s current one,” Plus, .christmas “just sounds cool,” he adds.”

Of course WSJ also chatted with businesses that has no plans to start from scratch like  “Jay Sofer, founder of a small locksmith service in New York, says he’s spent tens of thousands of dollars to advertise, since he started the business in 2008. Letting existing and potential customers know about a new address for his company—no matter how clever—would mean having “to start from scratch” to get the word out, he says.…

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