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.WS Changing 2-3 Character New Domain Pricing & Releasing All 5-20 Number Domains

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Due to the recent demand for the .WS extension coming from the emerging China Domain market, Global Domains International, the operator of the .WS registry, announced today that they are changing their pricing for all 2 and 3 character .WS domain names.

In December 2015, thousands of .WS domain names were registered in China.

The entire 4 number Chinese Premium .WS space sold out over a three-day period in December.

Global Domains International which runs the .WS registry, announced it  has partnered with “experienced industry leaders to help accommodate the .WS growth in China, and we are excited to announce new policy changes that will help meet this demand”.

“New Premium Domains Will Renew at Standard Prices

“Our premium domain pricing for all 2 and 3 character .WS domains is changing.

“Beginning Monday, 2-22-16 (February 22, 2016), all new registrations of 2 and 3 character domains will be sold for a onetime premium rate which includes one year of registration. ”

“All renewals and transfers will be charged at the same rate as all other standard .WS domain registrations. This pricing change will be extended to all our registrars as well. So whether someone buys directly from us or one of our registrars, everyone will be able to take advantage of our new pricing.

5-20 All-Number Domains Will Be Made Available for the First Time Ever

“All 5-20 all-number .WS domains (5N-20N) have been held back by the Registry since the .WS top level domain was launched.

We will officially make these domains available for registration on Thursday, 1-28-16 (January 28, 2016) at 8:00pm EST.

These newly released 5N-20N domains will be charged at standard domain pricing.

You can check out all the registrars that are selling  .WS domains here:  registrar information page.

Global Domains International, headquartered in California, is the official Registry for all .WS domains.

Originally assigned to the country of Western Samoa, we contracted with Samoa to make .WS domains available worldwide on March 9, 2000.””

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