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Writing Is Adventure

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar

Writing Is Adventure
Adventure dictionary says is an unusual and exciting experience. Any risky activity with exciting outcomes is adventure. The excitement to discover the unknown region, territory or activity which enthralled all your senses also comes in this bracket. It is the emotion you feel in doing a task which otherwise seems impossible. In short adventure is daring to dare and imagine something extraordinary and the contentment you feel after it. It is the process through which you let yourself free from all the attachments of the world in a way to discover yourself. 
Writing is that exciting thing for me which sets me free to roam in the pool of imagination from which I can pick anything I want without any pressure from anybody. A writer feels all the excitement through his/her characters. These characters who risks their life while trekking in difficult mountain terrains of the Himalayas or camping in the wilderness of Amazon forest or with the acts of bungee jumping, river rafting or by traveling in the harsh desert conditions brings that contentment in the writer’s life which he would experience by doping such things himself. A small room, notepad/computer screen, pen/keyboard helps writer to create a world of his own where he is the master, the creator and also the destroyer much like a adventurer. 
Story writing in itself is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs of emotions, situations, twists and turns. Writing make you experience all these turmoil of a protagonist. The situations which one never faces in his entire lifetime or those impossible things which are not practically possible could also be experience through writing. An ordinary life becomes extraordinary and a common man become super human thanks to the power of imagination which is adventures enough like living another life inside one’s own life. Writing not only creates the risk taking ability but also creates suitable environment for taking these risks and testing your abilities.
A person who is unable to walk and stand up due to his/her physical inefficiency if writes could experience all things through adventures journey of someone in his/her writing. Writings liberate and sets free a person bound in social obligations, help do things not attached to social norms by breaking all barriers of the society. It challenges establishments, rotten cultural practices, old traditional set up, becomes voices of those who were pushed towards the end of social strata and thus helps in giving rise to revolution. Writing gives self satisfaction to writer like adventure to adventurer. A writer discovers unknown territories through his writing and in this process he becomes a more adventurer.
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