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Writing and Sending Cards Service

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Bgdn_adrian

Writing and sending cards serviceDescription: This activity involves procuring a wide range of cards, and after they are scanned they will be displayed on a website through which orders will be made. The process will run as follows: The client will enter the site, they will choose the desired card to send, and then will fill out a form that contains: the name and address of the sender, the text displayed on the card, name and address. After the client has sent the data and has chosen the card, the card text will
be drawn by hand and mailed to the address provided by the client.
   Submission of such cards is a method of maintaining close business contacts, but also a way to make wishes on special occasions. The customer will be able to send the desired postcards with minimum effort, written by hand, to friends or business partners. In addition to the acquisition costs of envelopes, greeting cards and stamps, the customer will pay a commission.
Resources needed: - Average calligraphic skills
   - A site
   - Acquisition of a wide variety of cards
   - Promoting of the service
Advantages: - It is a very useful service
   - The work process is ​​easy, medium calligraphic skills are required only
   - Very low initial investment
   - This service is increasingly sought
Disadvantages: -no disadvantages
Conclusion: The innovative characteristic of this service brings considerable advantages to both parties, sender and receiver of the card.

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