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Wrath Of Typhon - Speak From The Fire

Posted on the 15 November 2012 by Ripplemusic
Wrath Of Typhon - Speak From The Fire
Typhon was the most deadly creature in Greek mythology and was called "the father of all monsters". Even the mighty and powerful Greek gods feared this demon. His features were upper-half human and bottom-half half viper and enormously huge in stature. Sometimes he is depicted has having 100 dragon heads instead of a human head and sometimes having the dragon heads for fingers. And his whole body was covered with wings and fire flashing from his eyes. So sporting the band name Wrath Of Typhon this terror troop from York, PA has a lot to live up to don't you think? Can they match the ferociousness that comes with this name?
Yes they can and then some! Their music is lead-heavy, in-yer-face, evil, punishing, unrelenting and absolutely amazing. The wrath of the typhon oozes from every song and skull-crushes me over and over...but I still come back for more. Yes, you're right dear reader, too much skull-crushing can be damaging to ones health but oh well. Live and let live is what I say...or was it he or she who said that? Hmm what was I talking about?

All kidding aside, what Wrath Of Typhon brings to the table is a fantastic mix of doom, heavy metal, punk and thrash. True, mixing styles can be ruinous with the music floundering here and there with absolutely no cohesion at all. But this is where the reference to the God-Monster Typhon comes into play. Like the beast's forceful, physical and perfect amalgamation of humans, vipers, dragons and demons the band's musical influences serves them excellently. There's no floundering here and there, instead it's a sonic onslaught leaving you wanting for more.
Frontman Jason Robison is the one who brings the punk and thrash influences and attitudes into the band. He has a raspy powerful voice a la thrash but spiced with the viscious bite and snarl of punk. Actually he reminds me of Sean Garrison from long-defunct Kinghorse. Guitarist Bill Miskowitz moves elegantly between rhythm and lead passages and he weaves it all together beautifully whether he is riffing or playing a solo. His drumming brother David and bassist Reese Harlacker are such a solid backbone of the band. No matter which direction the songs are taking they are on top of it which keeps the music so unrestrained and free-flowing. And that's what I like. Regardless what music you play if it's honest and pure and not calculated and formed at the drawing table you will get great music. And that's what Wrath Of Typhon is all about....honesty and pureness!
Their display of musical wrath starts with Rise King Rise and ends with the title track Speak From The Fire. In between we are treated to a history lesson in heavy music. Loaded Dice is the ultimate homage to Motörhead while throughout the entire album there's a mix of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and a general 80's heavy metal feel discernible but that's what I hear. You dear reader will probably hear something else. I love how they are able to create such great heavy music combining their own style with their influences and seemingly doing it so easily. Nothing sounds forced or contrieved just bloody fantastic.
Do yourself a favour and get a copy of Speak From The Fire and while you're at it, get some copies for your friends! Wrath Of Typhon are a great metal band and their album is fantastic and it is a piece of music that deserves recognition. Music as great as this should not be ignored by anyone so get going by one copy, buy ten.....spread the word or the Swedebeast will come for you!

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