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WOW! Have You Seen the New Childhood Obesity Ads?

By Newsanchormom

Have you seen the new ads targeting parents of children who are obese? They are very bold. I am not sure what I think about them. I know they must be offensive to some people. But I also know they will catch parents' attention. The ads are on-line and being shown on television stations in Georgia because they were created by the Georgia Children's Health Alliance.
Here is one of the pictures from the Strong4Life website--where you can also see the video HERE.
I am curious to see whether it's effective at curbing childhood obesity. It's certainly different.
WOW! Have you seen the new childhood obesity ads?
According to CNN, The Obesity Action Committee wrote a strong statement against the bold campaign for fear of obese kids getting tormented even more.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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