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Wow! A Gold Pencil Pistol.... Lead Versus Graphite?

Posted on the 21 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
I'm not sure what to write about this, other than it is a helluva novelty, and the sort of collectible that should remain legal.  I doubt it is terribly practical for self defense, but at least it has an alternate use, for which it is better suited, so it isn't a complete waste.
All I can say is someone had way to much time on his hands to design this, and way too much gold to execute the design, LOL.

From MSN money, this came right after the solid gold toilet:

9 crazy ways to own gold

The shiny metal's price has soared, but owning it on paper or storing it in bars isn't a lot of fun. From bathroom fixtures to a gold iPad, here are 9 unusual ways to buy gold.By Kim Peterson, MSN Money
A gold pencil-pistol © Andrew Orr/Holt's AuctioneersGold pencil-pistolA gold-plated pistol that looks like a pencil? Sounds like something James Bond (who will play the villain in the next Bond flick?) would carry in his pocket.Bling details. The pencil-pistol was made in 1948 by the late Maharaja of Jodhpur (see pics of his royal palace, now a luxury hotel) as a present for the last Viceroy of India, Technabob reports. The pencil's tip comes off, revealing a 2 3/4-inch barrel. I found out a little bit more about this piece from a June 2010 article:This gold-plated pencil that would seem to be a prized possession of some billionaire is actually a gun with a concealed trigger and a 2 3/4-inch barrel that forms a .22 pistol. This “pencil pistol” belonged to Lord Mountbatten, who received this deadly gift from an Indian Maharaja as the last Viceroy of India. This 7-inch-long pencil pistol made in 1948 to the Maharaja of Jodhpur’s own design is now placed on the auction block in London to fetch nearly £1000 on June 24. This rare and unique masterpiece comes with its own display case along with a loose label stating its presentation to the Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

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