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Would This Get You to Vote for the Arab Party?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
If Shas can canvas the Arab vote (as they do before every election) and UTJ and Shas can canvas the Dati Leumi vote, and Likud can canvas the Russian vote and the Dati Leumi vote, and Kachol Lavan can canvas the Dati Leumi vote...the the Arab party can canvas the Haredi vote!
I am not quite sure the ROI, the return on investment, will prove to have made this campaign worthwhile, but I guess it can't hurt to try..
The United Arab List (aka the Joint List) has started a campaign in Yiddish to attract Haredi voters. Even among Haredi voters it seems like they are only going for a small subset, as many, or even most, Haredim, don't really speak much Yiddish.
Here are the signs, expressing their opposition to the Draft Law..
would this get you to vote for the Arab party?
They also have signs in Russian calling for social equality..
would this get you to vote for the Arab party?
and signs (I don't have an image yet) in Amaharit to canvas among Ethiopians expressing opposition to police brutality..
Interesting strategy...
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