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By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
If you read my blog you know I am quite obsessed with hats. 
My entire life, I've worn hats that cost under $40 each and most of them only last one season due to rips, color fading, or bending then they never look the same. I decided it was high time to look for some great quality hats.
The best of the best if you will. And I'm happy to announce, I have found the best hats out there! 

I give you Worth & Worth hats. 

After a months of checking out their website and watching photos go up on their Instagram account, I choose two hats that just had to get in my closet. 
I was able to call the hat maker himself, Orlando and we picked a size and styles that would work the best for me.

Here are the two hats I splurged on:

Worth & Worth

Worth & Worth
Hip Chic $155 (on sale), Savoy $225
Here is how I have styled them so far:
Worth & Worth
(outfit post: here, here, and here) 
I have to say the quality is AMAZING! They are both very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I fear I will now only buy from Worth & Worth (yes people, they are THAT great!). Sure a cheep fedora will still do the trick, but if you are as hat obsessed as me, a great hat is like a great pair of jeans. It will never go out of style and you can use it season after season.
They have a great mens selection as well, I think the hubby may need one soon. ;) 
Are you a hat lover? Have you ever shopped Worth & Worth? 

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