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Worshipping the Sun

By Gardenamateur

I'm not going to go all religious on you, but this morning as I watched the Sun come up over the Pacific Ocean from our temporary apartment here in Newcastle, it did occur to me that worshipping the Sun God did make a fair bit of sense.

Worshipping the Sun

As with yesterday's photo, click on the image and it will come
up a bit bigger, and nicer to look at with its darker frame.

The Sun is a life-giver. Our planet Earth is its spun-off child, and all life here on Earth depends on the Sun for its warmth. As I stood on the balcony taking this shot, I could actually feel the blast of warmth on my face as the glow of light grew from an almost liquid blob on the horizon into the fierce yellow circle it quickly becomes in that first minute of sunrise.
And surely the Sun is a living thing, too. It was born 4.5 billion years ago, and the scientists tell us that it will die about 5 billion years from now. It's a long life indeed, and so this morning we're looking at a resplendent Sun God in its glorious middle period.
The Sun breathes, consumes energy, even belches out waste products, too. And it moves, it spins, expands and contracts, has fits of temper and changes of mood. It even has cycles of health, and children (we unruly planets). It's alive!
And most gloriously of all, the Sun is indifferent to us, we self-important fools here on Earth. Mercifully non-judgmental, the Sun is just life-giving. In the pantheon of Ancient Gods, it's quite the most excellent one.
And so this post merely says 'Good Morning Sun God, thanks for everything'.

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