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Posted on the 03 April 2011 by Gabe12logan
Wormholes are the tubes that connect distant point in space so that the path through them can be much shorter than the journey through normal space. In principle, the wormhole could be such as to enable us to go to the other end of the galaxy in just a few seconds, while light travels through normal space thousands of years. And although we racing with light unsportsmanlike involving a shortcut through a wormhole score is calculated and it turns out that we are effectively traveling faster than light and relativity theory shows that such a wormhole [if its end lay in the relative motion] we can use as time machine and we can return from the other end of the galaxy before we even go there.
It is assumed that time travel could be accomplished by taking advantage of space phenomena. Structure like a tunnel that may exist in the universe, called the wormhole, could be used as a portal to travel through time. Wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges, if they exist, are considered the most likely as time passage. We could using them travel through time and not only that, we could travel light years away from Earth in only a short time that we need when we use the usual method of travel through space. In space, masses that are exerting pressure on various parts of the universe might finally merge and form a tunnel - wormhole. In this case, we could travel of the Earth to another galaxy relatively quickly - within a single lifetime.
If we found a wormhole, they could let us travel back in time, just like in the future. For example, the entrance to a wormhole is a portal. The biggest problem is that drilling holes in space-time requires the energy of a star or negative energy.
In reality wormholes are practicable, and are located in the folds of the microscopic quantum foam, but unfortunately their diameter amount to 10-12 millimeters and duration of 10-20 seconds.
There are two types of wormholes: intra-universe - that connects two distant points in space-time of one universe and inter-universe - that connects two separate universes

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