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World Trigger 15-17: Draining Stories Involving Fathers

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
World Trigger Chapter 15

Man, so cold

Remember when I wrote about how I didn’t quite mind reading World Trigger, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I’m not as enthused to read and write about it? Well, I think it has something to do with the characters. That’s not good!

So we just had the usual shounen battle take place, where Yuma again showcased his skills against Miwa Squad, and put them in a position where they either had to swallow their pride or do something drastic. Well, Shuji refused by escaping, but either way, these chapter should be somewhat entertaining. The problem is I can’t seem to care about any of these characters right now. As far as I know, Yuma lost his dad and seeks to head to Border and find out what’s going on, but right now he’s pretty much solved everything that’s gone wrong for him and Osamu. Osamu is an everyone else first, me second kind of guy who seems to lack any trait where I should care for his situation. And now we have introduced Chika, who refuses to ask for anyone to help her stop attracting Neighbors because they have taken her brother and best friend away from her. Yet for now I’m not sure this matters. I can only assume this is because my expectations of where the series might go hasn’t excited me at all. Right now it’s safe, and there hasn’t been a hook for me to sink my teeth into. I think the Border being bad angle has run its course. What I think can bring World Trigger back into cohesion is revealing just who Yuma’s father is.

World Trigger Chapter 17

Yes I said Kuga now stop saying that!

And that’s where we must speculate: based on everyone’s reaction, they obviously know who Yuma’s father is, but exactly what is his importance to Border? Was he one of the top notch agents who betrayed Border? How valuable was he to the place? I think I can only hope that he has some sort of relevance to where the story is going, and that it’s meaningful enough for us to find out what happens next. The other running storyline is will we see a matchup between Jin and Yuma? And just how powerful is Jin that even Yuma knows he’s not sure he could beat him? Well, I think knowing who Yuma’s father comes first, since this could change Border’s thinking on how to approach Yuma.

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