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Working Within Your Wedding Budget

By Weddingblog2011

Getting married is an exciting time but it can also be stressful and expensive. Some weddings are elegant and others like to splash out with the unexpected. Some couples know exactly what they want in their weddings while others have no idea. Each wedding is unique and can range from lavish to simple but, unless you are lucky enough to have unlimited funds, all weddings must stick to some sort of budget.

Therefore, the first step of your wedding should be making the wedding budget. This is exceedingly important particularly as weddings today can be very costly and most people really have no idea what they can cost. Most couples will tend to under budget if this is the first wedding they have been a part of. You first step should be finding a location and the venue, as the venue will have a lot of influence over the cost.

When coming up with a budget, you should add in some padding to give yourself some “wiggle room”. This is a smart idea, as hidden costs will arise. Additionally many couples may not be aware of all of the costs associated with a wedding and can deplete the budget without having enough money for all the things necessary for a complete wedding.

Every wedding, no matter how big or how small will have several aspects to it that all add to the cost. The first of these is the venue. This can range from having a few friends and family over for a backyard wedding, jet setting to Paris with your family or renting out a huge banquet hall for every single person you have ever met. If you are having a home wedding then might be renovation or costs associated with sprucing up the property and home, such as having gardeners come in or professionals to cut the lawn. You also may decide to have some long awaited improvements before the wedding.

Every wedding will have food provided and the food is a hot topic. You should choose a caterer that is experienced and comes with good references. Alcohol will also add a large cost to your bill, but you can cut down on this cost by having a cash bar and serving table wine only. Your food and alcohol will be calculated on a per head or per plate. So determine your food costs based on the number of guests as well as they type of meal you will be serving.

While you are figuring the costs of the hall and caterer figured into your budget, be sure to leave some room for a photographer and DJ or band. You can cut costs a little by using a DJ but you really don’t want to skimp on the photographer as your wedding pictures are critical memories of your big day.

Some other costs to incorporate in the wedding budget will include décor, flowers, clothing, jewelry, invitations, transportation, and accommodation. No matter your budget it is possible to plan a wedding. If you get a little creative you can still have a fantastic wedding even if you have a tight budget.

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