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Working Wardrobe…

By Prettylittlemrs @PrettyLittleMrs

Working Wardrobe…My wardrobe is about to go through a pretty major transition. What do work-at-home people wear, anyways? I’m not the type to sit around in sweats…but I’m also not the type to put on dress pants to sit in my home office. So where’s the happy medium? I’m thinking that comfort and style are going to have to meet in the middle here. Today’s Inspiration: Mulberry Polly Push Lock Tote ($1,400.00), Merona Ruffled Flats ($19.99), TopShop Boyfriend Blazer ($130.00) & Splendid Voila Jersey Shirt ($88.00), Pieces Scarf Hilja Green ($21.00), Coral Marble Dome Ring ($12.00).

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