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WORKING SUNDAY - the Design Process This is the Messy Process...

By Lauramoodley
WORKING SUNDAY - the design process
This is the messy process...

WORKING SUNDAY - the design process

This is the messy process that is creating a fashion sketchbook.

Why dont you do by computer (CAD software)? I hear you ask. Well thats because i feel that by hand sketching my designs, i am building a relationship with my collection, before ive even got my hands on the fabric from which i may create each garment.

I love getting messy and feeling the paper, really seeing the colours, building the texture line by line. Dont get me wrong; illustrator has its advantages in terms of time saving and clear lines, but i just dont feel a personal connection to my designs if i do them entirely by CAD.

As a designer, I feel its just as important to to have a real tactile experience through out the entire design process as well as the manufacture part.

For me i prefer CAD as a way to integrate printed images, or colour effects in a minute or two or to display finals, but nothing beats sitting on the floor, covered in glue, paper cuttings, threads etc etc….maybe its the child in me, but i hope i can always stay true to this traditional design method.

xoxo LLM

(This photo is taken from my current sketchbook, related to my last collection; which will soon feature in a Paris fashion design contest.)

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