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Working Girl Chic

By Kena @campchic

Working Girl Chic! Yep. This look right here is my interpretation of the perfect office ensemble. When I was a young girl, I fantasized about working in New York City and rocking the most fierce outfit I could get my hands on. In my 20′s I finally moved to the Big Apple – only to realize just how different my fantasy was from reality. My first apartment was a good 15 minutes away for the train and I never could get the hang of running down the subway stairs in my stilettos. Some of those subway steps are death traps. Folks pushing and shoving. Not for me. I had to trade out my stilettos for sneakers. I also learned that wearing cute dresses in the tortuous NYC winter was not going to work as well. I use to wear 3 pairs of tight and a pair of long johns underneath my dress. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even remove the long johns when I got to the office. I was hoping one of my unsuspecting co-workers thought I was starting a new fashion trend. Oh well. You win some. You lose some.

What’s your favorite look to wear to the office?

Trench & blouse dress 4

Trench & blouse dress 5

Trench & blouse dress 7

Trench & blouse dress 3

Trench & blouse dress 2

Trench & blouse dress 6

Trench & blouse dress 8

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All photos taken by Audrey McGee Photographer

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