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Work Uniform

By Leslielazard @leslielazard

Work UniformWork UniformWork UniformWork UniformWork UniformWork Uniform

All this week I’ve been fretting about what on earth to wear to work! I’m on my feet alot so comfortable shoes (aka flats, wedges, or a low heel) are a must. But lately it seems as if none of my clothes go well with any of my more comfy shoes! The last thing I want to dress like is boring, but I’m stuck in a rut recently comprised of outfits which make me feel like a 40 year old woman. No bueno.

On the bright side – if there is a sunshine filled road where this situation is concerned – I’ve noticed a trend amongst the pieces I throw on time and time again in the mornings while rushing out the door, and some gaps in my wardrobe that could use some filling. I reach for my black slouchy trousers time and time again. They go with everything and the fit is insanely flattering. Dresses are also an easy option for me in the mornings, and the fact that they don’t require much thought when I may have not already had my morning caffeine fix is an extra bonus! And I love to pile on details when I’m getting ready for the day. Lately, I’ve been wearing these  rings non-stop along with some thin gold bracelets that give my outfits a bit more detail and interest.

Now for the hard part, filling in the wardrobe gaps. I absolutely, positively do not have enough blazers/jackets, flats, and pants! Living in a warmer climate, jackets aren’t something I usually purchased often, but I’m in dire need of a few options that I can mix and match with skirts, pants, and dresses. Added to the jackets is frustration with finding some stylish pants options. I don’t particularly care for a traditional width leg opening paired with flats. I mean, hello senior citizen lady right? I think a slimmer trouser is so much more flattering and modern. If only I could find more somewhere I’d be a happy camper. Lastly, flats. Where’s a stylish and affordable flat when you need one? Anyone have a work uniform essential that I left out? Do share!

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