Life Coach Magazine

Work Life Balance

By Ruplah

It felt wonderful yesterday to shut off myself from the electronic world completely  and devote my day to my family. It felt very fulfilling. I realized early yesterday that just because I am working from home does not mean that I have got to work on Sundays too.

Work life balance is important to prioritize differently depending on the circumstances, kind of like a wheel, some days we focus on some things and other days focus on other things. Even within a day we balance and focus on varied things. For example on some days we may choose to spend more time on organizing things, some days on taking actions, some days on relationships, some days on getting back in touch with old friends and some days just for ourselves.

If an inordinate amount of time is being spent on a particular area, day after day, without getting the results we are expecting, we can step back and observe if we need to work on it differently or if we are leaving behind any areas we need to be working on as well. Sometimes just ignoring certain areas becomes the cause of problems in our lives. If we can review and reflect on what we are doing on a daily basis, it will help to balance various areas of our life.

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