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Work From Home: Tools for Productivity & Well-Being

By Francoisetmoi

Are you working from home this year? Boost your well-being and productivity with these top work from home tips and tools! It’s no secret work environment affect mood and productivity, but recent research also shows closely it’s tied to our health and greater sense of well-being—Everything from headaches and back pain brought on by poor posture to increased risk of cardiovascular disease from extended periods of sitting. With both Ken and myself continuing to work from home 3 days a week with no signs of slowing down, we doubled down on creating a work space that would prioritize well-being and productivity equally. Every year that passes, I do think more thoughtfully about how to keep ourselves healthy and active. For the amount of time we spend working, it’s important we create WFH space that fosters a long and healthy life. From ergonomics to lighting to additional power sources and creature comforts, here are our favorite WFH tools. A. Standing Desk: One of the most exciting and impactful additions has been our FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk. According to the Mayo Clinic, recent research shows extended periods of sitting are unhealthy for us long term. Sitting for 2+ hours at a time is […]

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