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By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

It’s May 5th and the number 5 just got me thinking about the 5-day work week. Work is such a big part of our lives and we all seem to have different moods to express every day of the week, so I decided, why not define each day with a color?

Readers, if you had to choose a color for every day of the work week, what would it be? Here’s my take:

Monday Blues: You don’t feel like going into work but you must. The fashion mood—blue, black and professional.

Rosy Tuesdays: You’ve gotten into the groove of work but there’s still much to do. The fashion mood—you’re serious, intense but need something to perk up your day. Roses and red.

Wednesday Neutrals: It’s midweek and you’re almost past the hump. The fashion mood—neutrals like tan, camel and calm pastels.

Verdant Thursdays: The week is ALMOST over so you need something soothing and fresh to remind you that the week is almost over. The fashion mood: outdoor greens in anticipation for Friday.

Flashy Fridays: It’s finally the last day of the week. The fashion mood—happy with brights like neon, hot pink and flashy metallics, because you’re ready for the weekend.

Monday Blues

Rosy Tuesdays
Wednesday Neutrals
Verdant Thursdays
Flashy Fridays

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


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