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Wordless Wednesday - The Art of Colouring

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Colouring has always been one of Angel's favorite activities since she was two.
Recently, I bought her a new set of crayons and a colouring book filled with cute animal characters and she couldn't wait to get her hands on it.
Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouringHow did you used to learn colouring?
I remember my grandma could color very well and so I learnt by watching her do it.
Also, everyone around me would teach me things like:

"Colour within the lines. Don't color out or else not nice."
"Colour in one direction only. See? Left right left right."
"Colour gently, no need to use too much strength so it will look consistent."

Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring

Dog coloured by Mummy

In a sense, I agree with everything as I grew older and slowing learnt the art of colouring.

Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring

Bird coloured by Daddy

At times, I can't help it but remind Angel of those colouring guidelines, especially when she starts to make a 'mess' on every page. Which I kind of regret because it dampens her enthusiasm a little and she ends up passing me the pencil and says "I don't know. Mummy colour". So, I look back and wonder, do we really have to restrict kids in how they do their colouring?

Do clouds have to be blue and grass has to be green?
Yesterday, Angel gave me the answer.
At least for her age now, other than improving her dexterity, colouring is all about fun, creativity and bonding.

Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring

Mouse coloured by Angel

Cute? She was so proud of her rainbow mouse that day and came to show it off to the hubby and me. Both of us were a little surprised and somehow, she seemed to have done the best and most creative job among the three of us. Fine, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but I honestly loved her mouse.
I guess for now, it's okay if she doesn't fill up all the white space or shows me a pink tree or purple sun.  So long as she learns to keep her colouring pencils after the session, I'm happy.
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Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring
Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring
Wordless Wednesday - The art of colouring

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