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Wordless Wednesday - It's Camping Day!

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Today is camping day!
This tent was brought over from Singapore and had been with us to East Coast Park many times. We took it out few days ago and despite it's super huge and takes up a good deal of space, I decided to keep it open in my living room.
Just cos' camping is so much fun! 
Wordless Wednesday - It's camping day!
So, what exactly did we do?
1) Angel "cooked" lunch for us in her kitchen and brought the food to the tent.
2) We had a picnic in it with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Angel made sure all four of us were well-fed and had drinks to go along with.
3) We read story books.
4) We sang songs.
5) We took a "nap".
And then the fun starts all over again!
Wordless Wednesday - It's camping day!
Don't you just love camping?

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