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Posted on the 17 November 2011 by Warigia @WarigiaBowman
Well, regarding the Egyptian elections, gossip and innuendo is rife. Here is what I am hearing. This is TOTALLY unscientific, but very interesting, nonetheless.
My daughter's daycare teacher thinks that it is a mistake to push the military out. She says that the military is the last institution standing in Egypt, and that it is a mistake to try to get rid of them. She believes there are outside forces encouraging the youth to battle the military. Perhaps these outside forces are from Qatar or Saudi Arabia in her view.
My research assistant is very brilliant and hardworking. Her family is going to vote Muslim Brotherhood (Freedom and Justice Party) because they are organized, and they do a lot of charity.
An extremely educated and experienced political activist and journalist warned that she is very worried about the potential for violence during the election.
AUC has decided to shut down the entire university for the first round of elections on November 28th for security reasons.

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