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Woodland Wonders

By Danielcarruthers
<img src="" height="375" width="500" alt="erythronium" />
<img src="" height="375" width="500" alt="hybrid blue bell" />
<img src="" height="375" width="500" alt="primrose - for hope" />
<img src="" height="375" width="500" alt="tulipa sylvestris" />
<img src="" height="375" width="500" alt="Wood Anemone and Celandine (the prettiest weed in the garden)" />
  1. Erythronium
  2. Bluebell – I suspect a hybrid between the wild bluebell and its Spanish cousin, both of which are in the garden. Spot the difference.
  3. Primose
  4. Tulipa Sylvestris – the wild tulip
  5. Wood Anemone and Celandine (the prettiest weed in the garden)

Although it is something of an exaggeration to call the area beneath the tulip tree a woodland, the dappled shade it creates and the gentle slope make it a perfect habitat for plants that like these conditions. Over the years I have added many layers of shredded bark that have created the damp humus-rich soil they like, so now I find they are self-seeding and spreading around with little intervention from me. I do love spring’s woodland plants.

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