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Women More Selfish in the Bedroom

Posted on the 07 January 2016 by 72point @72hub
Women more Selfish in the Bedroom

British women are getting more out of sex than men, a study has found.

The poll of 2,000 adults saw more females describe themselves as "very sexually satisfied" than men, with almost two thirds of women claiming to being 'adventurous' in the bedroom.

But despite men stereotypically being seen as the selfish ones between the sheets - it seems the opposite is true with 45 per cent of blokes saying their partner's satisfaction is their priority compared to just one in five women.

It also emerged women reach their most sexually confident point at the age of 30 - three years earlier than men.

Mattias Hulting, co-founder of personal massager brand Smile Makers said: "In recent years, there are a number of cult female icons across the world moving things forward in terms of wider conversations around sex.

"Women have of course always had desires in the bedroom, but the difference is now they're liberated to speak out about it, and why not?

"Sex is no longer a taboo, however self-pleasure surprisingly still seems to be.

"Changing perceptions of products like vibrators is hard and attitudes towards masturbation are even harder.

"But that's what Smile Makers is out to achieve, as we believe every woman should feel confident, self-assured and happy, with or without a partner."

The study found almost one in five women would describe themselves as "very sexually satisfied" between the sheets, compared to just one in ten men.

And a staggering 78 per cent of women are likely to achieve an orgasm during a sexual experience.

A huge 84 per cent of women feel comfortable initiating sex, with almost a third being the one to do so once a week.

Having a greater sex drive than their partner is the most common reason for women being the ones to make the first move in the bedroom, with another 32 per cent saying it's down to them being the most confident and adventurous of the pairing.

Others admitted to usually being the one to initiate because they like to take charge (18%) or simply just liked to have sex more often (32%) than their partner.

Six in ten women also said they would be willing to introduce something to 'spice up their sex life' if it began to feel stale.

The study also found six in ten women masturbate, because 'it feels good' (64%) or helps them to relax or destress (75%).

And just over half of women (56%) already own a vibrator or would consider buying one.

In comparison, eight in ten men regularly self-pleasure.

But despite two thirds of respondents sharing the belief that self-pleasuring is 'natural and healthy', more than a third of women still believe it is more acceptable for men to self-pleasure than women,.

And four in ten men deem it a taboo subject at home.

Peder Wikström, also a co-founder of Smile Makers said: "In the last two years we have spoken with close to 10,000 women across the world, and attitudes are surprisingly similar.

"Whether in South-East Asia or Western Europe, we find that more than two-thirds of women have either used a vibrator or are positively curious to try one.

"Despite this, vibrators are still marketed as a speciality product for sex stores.

"Smile Makers are sold exclusively in Superdrug because we believe that vibrators and self-pleasure are a natural and healthy part of life, just like other wellbeing products available there.

"We want Smile Makers to give women the confidence and empowerment to not feel ashamed of anything they are curious about."

The Smile Makers Collection is priced from £24.99 and available at Superdrug nationwide.

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