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Women Can Be So Mean.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog

Women can be so mean.

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Why are women so mean to each other? Women are always fighting over some lies a man told the both of them, and the shit is insane. I saw a woman tweet mean things about how another woman dresses her newborn baby. Of course the woman tweeting was a wife who was cheated on, and the other girl was the new "baby mama."
I really don't give a fuck who lied and who was wrong in the situation but leave the child out of the drama. I don't know the details of this story; maybe the "baby mama" knew this man was married, maybe she didn't. Either way the only victim in this story is the baby. I see it all the time women calling other women "hoes." Is she a hoe for sleeping with your husband or is he the hoe for sleeping with her? Chances are she is single, he is married; he took his vows and promised to stay faithful to you...she didn't promise you shit.
The person who made the comments about the infant is usually a very funny tweeter, but I had to unfollowher because that is not something that I can support. I know women are sensitive, we love hard and we get hurt when things don't go as planned, but we have to learn how to put ourselves in someone else'sshoes and stop being in denial about the truth. This woman who was tweeting was not hurt by the baby mama or the baby, she was hurt by her husband and that’s the truth. She should be spending her time trying to figure out the problem in her marriage and stop cyberbullying a woman who is going through enough of her own shit. That doesn’t mean she can’t be mad and have some resentment towards the woman who slept with her husband but leave the baby out of it! People are so quick to preach about doing the right thing until something happens to them, and then we get to see their true character.
If my husband ever got another woman pregnant I would be too busy fucking him up to be online talking about the chick and her baby. Then I’ll be at the courthouse filing for divorce... but that's just me. 

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