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Women and Body Image

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt disgusted with what you see?
I know I have.
Why? Where and when did this feeling originate?
Why are women in general so mean and judgmental towards each other?
She just had a baby but *gasp* she still has a tummy and 8 months later is still wearing some of her maternity clothes.
That woman who has no children and no full time job. Why is she over-weight? She has time to go to the gym.
What about the mother who works full time along with her spouse and has small children at home?
The young, teenage girl who is bullied at school for not wearing the most current clothes like her "friends".
The mom who is caretaker to her littles and runs errands or potty trains all day while her spouse works.
The single mom putting her child through school while working 2 jobs 6 days a week.
The mom of teenagers who juggles the army wife life, works full time and gets her children to a multitude of medical appointments.
That young girl who is made fun of for being too tall, skinny, too short, chubby,etc.
Come on ladies! Let's give each other a break.
Instead of tearing each other down and pointing out faults; let's build each other up to be proud of the women God made!
He didn't intend for us all to look the same or we would. Some of us are big boned, skinny boned, and maybe even bigger boned.
Women and Body Image
Women and Body Image
Be kind to the woman who under that sweet smile desperately wants a biological child.
The woman who is shooting hormone laden drugs into her system while trying to conceive and the extreme emotional roller coaster she is on each month are affecting her weight.
The young woman trying to find her voice and way in this harsh world.
The new mom who is just trying to survive those first months of no sleep.
The woman who has worked all day and feels like a failure when she comes home to a dirty house but is too exhausted to clean.
The woman who is caring for aging parents. The stress of maybe losing them sooner than she wants to and decisions that have to be made.
The mom who wipes dirty bottoms all day and constantly picks up toys and does the dirty dishes.
Women and Body Image
Women and Body Image
Women and Body Image
Not only should we be kind to other women but also look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the same thing. Be proud of who God made you to be!
You are beautiful!
You are loved!
You are unique!
Women and Body Image

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