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Wolves Of Winter – Wolves Of Winter

Posted on the 18 December 2015 by Ripplemusic
Wolves Of Winter – Wolves Of Winter
Wolves of Winter are about to unveil their debut self-titled album on Jan. 9, 2016 and if you were lucky enough to get a listen of their demo released back in 2013 you'd be as excited as I am upon getting word of the new material. WoW waste no time in hooking their claws deep right away with a string of songs laced with razor sharp riffs and oscillating groove rumbling with thick grungy fuzz, living up to their acronym of WOW!
Wolves Of Winter – Wolves Of WinterA post-progressive grunge metal of sorts veers in and out of desert rockish haze into raging slags of metallic fury like a stoner kid flailing in a thrash metal pit. Deep, beefy rhythm throbs with an unrelenting bassline and crushingly crisp production. The do-it-yourselfer, singer, guitarist and producer Josh McGee, demonstrates apt skill and ample dedication to his craft having written the songs, produced and mixed the album himself with the help of some friends and bandmates. Band members Mike Horn (Drums) and David Weaver (Bass) add just the right volume to the blazing 10 song set.
Soaring melody lurks consistently with a brutally playful touch of the wah peddle to enrich the mildly chaotic, yet astral atmosphere. Vocals lament with a suave flair while keeping pace with the predatory groove like a howling wolf on a winter night’s prowl.
Wolves Of Winter – Wolves Of WinterA heavy ode to the late 90's alternative metal scene is present and it encapsulates today's modern stoner swagger with captivating riffs and wildly progressive groove. I hear a lot of similarities to the Canadian heavy rockers, ‘We Hunt Buffalo’ whose‘Blood From a Stone-EP’ splashed ripples here earlier this year with raving words by MeteorJadd speaking of a casual nostalgia presence and referencing obscure references to other bands when describing the obscure band he is writing about. So with that in mind, We Hunt Buffalo comes to mind when listening to Wolves of Winter. Oddly enough wolves hunt buffalo in the winter on occasion and the two bands sound like they co-exist within the same musical habitat amongst a familiarly hypothetical forest of guitars and amplifiers. The music is brimming with immaculately heavy licks and mastered with an infectiously precise groove. The temperatures are dropping, snow is on the horizon and the Wolves of Winter are on the attack. Prepare for an onslaught of heavy chords, blazing distortion and virulent rhythm as our ears are about to be annihilated with pleasure. Hear the opening song below, Astrothoughts. Feel free to leave your astrothoughts in the comments section below.
-The Huntsman

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