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WKMG’s Jessica Sanchez and STD Videobomber

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Kzawadzki @kzawadzki

During a live report on late-night activities in New Orleans’ Bourbon Street area ahead of the Super Bowl, WKMG’s Jessica Sanchez was interrupted by a woman who may have just been participating in such activities – you know the like: bar hopping or clubbing. She quickly turned the tables on the videobomber by asking her about STDs.

Watch for yourself (excuse the title of the video – it’s the only one I could find on YouTube, which I have found is the best video site to embed on WordPress):

When a reporter does a stand-up, on the street, they’re doing their jobs, and it can be very annoying to be videobombed like this. But you kind of buck up and take it in stride. (Sh)it happens.

Well, Mrs. Sanchez kept cool and didn’t miss a beat when she turned the story from bar hopping to a (wo)man-on-the-street interview about life with STDs.

From a professional standpoint, I don’t think she should’ve gone to that point, as that is not what she was supposed to be reporting on or doing out there. It can potentially damage her credibility among the public for future such stories, and is obviously embarrassing to the other person on camera. She was reporting (from what I can tell) on the night life, not the sex life.

Now, having said that with my serious-face on, I will admit… This was hilarious!

I knew something was going to be humorous from the headlines alone but when the woman walked up in the background going “heeeeeyyy!” and the reporter did not simply ignore, you just knew it was going to get good. I didn’t see the STD question coming. But it was funny that she turned the whole thing around. The videobomber’s only saving grace was clearly she was lucid enough to catch on real quick and back away (although she could not resist ending her stint on the news with another shoutout to the 49ers).

And if you think about it, the incident kind of illustrated the reporter’s point, that late night on Bourbon Street can and will get crazy (and at some point, your frustration will run out and you will no longer tolerate any more nonsense). Perhaps this can be a cautionary tale to all the future videobombers out there… you never know what reporter you’re gonna get, and some of them will be ready to ask you uncomfortable questions in devious revenge. Much to the joy of the Internet.

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